Christmas 2020: Vive la différence!

Christmas street que city300pxAs I was preparing the itinerary for this year’s Magical Christmas in Quebec City tour, I happened to look back at the blog I had written in 2016 to accompany the first Christmas tour that Today’s Woman Traveller offered. Here is how I began the blog:

“As a currently single woman whose friends are her family, I admit to a certain sense of anxiety leading up to the Christmas season. For those of us without children or close relatives nearby, we tend to miss the special sense of connection with our close friends when, at Christmastime, they naturally scatter in different directions to turn their attention to their own families.

Well, no more Christmas anxiety for me! .... Today’s Woman Traveller and I have created a plan for Christmas. And I think it’s a great one! THIS year I am going to celebrate a Merry Christmas surrounded by adventurous women just like me – in the winter wonderland of beautiful Quebec City!”


Well, here it is 2020, and I repeat “No more Christmas anxiety for me!” as I now actually look forward with enthusiasm to Christmas every single year. Why? The first Magical Christmas tour was so successful that it has become an annual Today's Woman Traveller event, this year being the FIFTH year in a row that we have offered a Christmas getaway. Over the years, new friendships have blossomed as we have shared great holiday experiences together. In fact, some ladies even mark the next year’s tour dates on their calendars as soon as they return home!

We’ll stay in a lovely historical monastery-turned-wellness centre right in the centre of 400-year old Lower Town. Last year’s women absolutely loved the experience there! And snuggled up in our warm winter duds, we’ll explore the narrow decorated streets of Le Vieux Québec as it shimmers in the snow, all the while learning from our local guides everything we can about Canada’s oldest and most colourful city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. You might even spot me catching a snowflake on my tongue as we are delighted by the old-world charm of Le Vieux Québec! There’s a traditional German Christmas market to discover, lovely centuries-old churches to visit, many artisan boutiques to browse in, and cozy cafés whose café au lait and chocolat chaud you can enjoy while gazing out at the dazzling Christmas decorations. We’ll even gather for a day tour to the surrounding countryside where our eyes will feast on a spectacular frozen waterfall and the tranquil landscape along the St. Lawrence River. And let’s not forget the opportunities to savour the traditional and much-renowned culinary treasures of Canada’s “belle province”! And imagine a gourmet Christmas dinner at the iconic Château Frontenac!

Scene300pxI know that Christmas may seem like a long way away, but I’m already excited and starting to count the days til Christmas!

So once again, we invite you to celebrate “la différence” and come and spend a Merry Christmas in Quebec City’s winter wonderland, surrounded by other spirited women looking for a fun and memorable experience at this special time of the year. Let’s share a Joyeux Noël with new friends in Canada’s oldest city. I know you’ll find it magnifique!

To begin your memory-filled journey, browse the details on our tour page A Magical Christmas in Old Quebec City

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